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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news." like a parents' worst night mare, right. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> a violent crash claims the life of one teenager, injuries for others, alcohol ama have played a factor. a race against time in san brown oh. the toxic threat lurking in that disaster zone and why it needs to be cleaned up and quickly. after a string of rapes one apartment complex police thought they had their man but, now, another attack. and it's not something muni wants you to know about, a glitch that allows people to ride for free. what the transit agency is doing to stop it. good evening, i'm ken bass teed a. dana has the night off. one teenager dead, four others injured after a crash in marin county, tonight authorities confirm all of those students are from novato high school, their car collided with a big
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rig on know vat oh boulevard near sutro avenue. don knapp shows us what the investigators found at the scene. >> reporter: the chp says speed and maybe alcohol were factors in the violent crash that claimed one life, left two with major injuries, and two with the bmw minor injuries. all of those high schoolers. two of the injured taken to san bernadino hospital, the other to marin general. >> the bmw behind us lost control, into the path of a big rig, and was struck. >> the driver of the big rig was uninjured. a long line of skid marks indicates a tire blew out, officer loudon sails, the skid marks beginning at what appears to be an older roadside memorial for a motorcyclist. >> it was a crash. we did find alcohol beverage containers in or about the
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vehicle but we have not determined it to be a factor yet. >> at novato high, some heard of the crash, but after a late in the day special teacher's meeting there what is no meeting of students. >> so he thinks he may know one or more of the victims. >> somebody i know had classes together, we would see each other every day, was involved in a horrible car accident. doesn't make me feel that well. >> after school parents said they were learning about the crash. >> i heard that one of the students was killed and, umm, we're all just very, very concerned for the family and, umm -- >> like a parents' worst nightmare, right. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> it's not been confirmed that alcohol played a role in the fatal crash. an ferguson says last year the school had a realistic simulation of drunk driving. >> they had the whole presentation for everyone and the kids spent a night in jail and in the hospital and this is
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exactly what happened so it's really really sad and my heart goes out to all the families. >> we don't know why the school didn't make an announcement of what happened to the injuries and deaths of the classmates today. perhaps they didn't have enough time. but word is spreading fast. students we talked to seemed to know about it. before the weekend is over everybody will know about it and the school will deal with it on monday. >> reel tragedy. don knapp in know vat oh. pg&e is now admitting it new as long as a year ago about the presence of liquid at the terminal that feeds pipeline 132, that's the one that exploded in san bruno, industry experts say standing liquids like water and compress or oil can foster the growth of mike robes which actually can cause significant corrosion inside pipelines. pg&e fixed the problem at the milpitas problem but never checked for internal corrosion in line 132. >> due to the shape, again, of
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the pipeline and the changing diameter of the pipeline the end line inspection wasn't the most appropriate, method wasn't the most effective method, for tasselingment of pipeline. >> it's possible the liquid could have been one of the many contributing factors that caused the explosion. meanwhile state regulators are calling on pg&e to make public the complete list of the 100 highest risk pipe segments in the bay area. that could happen this weekend. adding insult to injury, they warned people near the blast zone of a new danger, julia goodrich shows us it's a threat that needs to be addressed immediately is. >> a potential toxic hazard. cruz have been busy cleaning soot from hup homes and wetting down mounds of ash so the wind doesn't scatter it into the air. a another big concern, the upcoming rainy season. pushing contaminated run off
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into the san francisco bay. >> if we get half of the rain we had last year with the el niño that is going to be definitely a problem and it's going to be very difficult to contain it so at this point we're not concerned about to go six. however, unless we're able to get out there quickly that may become a concern. >> peterson says the county has already moved 1050-gallon drums of hazardous waste from the burn site. and sandbags have been placed around storm drains leading to the san brown oh creek. an october 15-t deadline has been set to clear all the waste before the heavy rains roll in. >> where are the toxic levels and is there a concern. >> we're concerned about air quality, we're concerned about dust goin' off the site, so we're watering the site down. >> reporter: a fence has been put up to keep residents out of the fire zone and those allowed in can only stay for a few hours because of the potential health risk. >> we have been giving them all of the personal protective equipment, masks, clothes,
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gloves, eye glasses. >> reporter: the clean-up costs about $1.5 million paid by homeowner's insurance and the state. and while the race is on to remove the debris, many residents are still trying to grasp what happened to their homes and lives, and where they go from here. >> i'm just trying to take it day by day, we lost a lot of neighbors here so right now it's kind of, it's a sad time for us, so we're just trying to get this neighborhood back together. >> reporter: and for many of the residents here the clean-up effort is a daunting task. the county says it will do everything it can to help residents get back on their feet and help them clean up their homes. in san brown oh juliette goodrich, cbs5. for the latest on the investigation as well as maps to show you if pipelines may be running in your neighborhood you can go to our web site,, click on "links and numbers." >> when a rape suspect was arrested police hoped a series
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of assaults at a bay area apt complex would be over. well, that's not the case. there is now a fourth reported assault at the park regency apartments atwal nut creek, all within the past two months, a berkeley man is jailed on charges related to the three previous cases. well, now, police think they are dealing with yet another rape suspect. >> i was sleeping a lot easier, now i'm just again sleeping with one eye open and one eye closed. >> i'm scared to walk alone. >> i'm a young man, i'm not even 20 yet, but i'm scared. >> apartment managers say there are at least two security guards on duty 24 hours a day. they have also put in a request for upgrade ed surveillance cameras. >> a new area where you eat at your own risk and popping up around the bay area. why the chefs at this latest underground market might be taking some risks too. robert? >> well, ken, redskins ripe.
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i want you to consider this. there is a line in the movie that says "if you build it they will come," but that perhaps needs to be changed. to"if you tweet it they'll come by the hundreds" and what are they coming to do? well eat in a parking lot. this type of asphalt lining is growing in popularity, growing in san francisco and now pock marked all around the bay area. but everything that you see here, all this dining in the parking lot, is actually illegal. but it has stopped nothing and no one. they call themselves the underground market, chefs and would be chefs driven underground they say by the high cost of brick and mortar restaurants, so, for months, they fired up the burners from parking lots from san francisco to oakland. the foodies even hang over retaining walls waiting for organic barbecue, french tacos and gourmet ice cream cones. >> and sold out within three hours. >> reporter: but what really
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makes all of this underground is none of it is legal so eat at your own risk. >> we have had run-ins before where in the city the cop says "you can't be here," but can you just move somewhere else. >> reporter: in seems the curbside chefs hope to blend into a bit called zero 1. but police weren't allowing them to dine and, a county health inspector was called out, so was the fire marshal. but oh what a tangled web we we have when, first, we practice to deceive. >> we didn't include 24 in the information we gave to the county. we just gave an overall assessment of the activities, it will include specifically this activity. >> isn't that kind of circumventing the law. >> roof laverty is is a producer of the bigger event. they came from producers, it not only says no tents, which violates the laws for farmer's markets, chefs were charged 50 bucks or 10% of total profits
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for tonight. shocking for an event producers admit is illegal. >> we're told this type of thing is not allowed in san jose county but we knew it happens in other places in the underground. so we thought try it out to see what happens. >> you were trying to go rogue. >> yeah, trying to go rogue. >> san jose police kept this place shut down until 2 hours ago. why are people still standing in line after 11:00? well it seems that the producers convinced both the inspectors for the health department and the fire marshal that this was a private members- only event and so the people are standing in line, all they have to do is use a wristband and sign a waiver that they won't sue assuming they become ill from what they eat here, and they can continue to eat until their heart's delight. ken? >> take your chances, grab your food, and go. >> and have a ball doing it. >> robert, thank you.
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some people are getting a free ride on muni because of a glitch with the new clipper card gates. you can open the gates at the civic center station without using the fare card. people have discovered if they simply wave their hand over a particular sensor those gates will pop open on their own. muni says it has known about that problem for some time, nothing new, but beware because the agency is dispatching extra fare checkers who will trap anybody trying to beat the system. a flight from phoenix to to maui was forced to make a landing at sfo. the pilots reported smoke in the cockpit so they landed as a precaution. nobody was hurt and it's not clear what caused the smoke but a second jet has been brought into take those passengers to hawaii. damage now estimated between 1 and $2 million following a fire at this house in palo alto. it happened this morning on university avenue.
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the family got out safely. at least 10 nearby homes had to be evacuated though while cruz battled the blaze. investigators say it was a candle in an upstairs room that may have started that fire. oakland police tonight looking for this bank robbery suspect. they say that she robbed the bank of america branch on hagenberger rode on september 4- t. she gave the teller a note demanding money and left with an undisclosed amount of cash. there is a reward, up to $2,500, for information in the case. it's a shocking ad to watch. take a look. (tape: early katie 15:40:23 - 15:40: ur fourth torn the warning one group wants you to hear about cheeseburgers. >> this is our fourth tornado in the new york city area in about three months time. >> no, we're not in kansas any more. what's goin' on in new york city? . and monkey business in southern california. a 30-pound inflatable beast goes missing.
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wait until you see where it ended up. the sunshine goes missing this weekend. we've got the first rain of the season in the forecast. we'll pinpoint the day you should expect it as "eyewitness news" continues right here on cbs5. ,,,, ,,,,
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but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth. "nats of wife weeping" a new commercial is using death to drive home a message
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that fast food kills. half-e amburger. and yes, the commercial shows a woman at a morgue weeping over a man's body. as you see there, in his hand, take a close look. it's a half-eaten hamburger, as the camera pans away to the man's feet. yup, there they are golden arches. appear with the word "i was loving it." the 30-second spot produced by the physicians committee for responsible medicine. also tonight the national weather service says no question about it, there were two tornadoes that came through new york city yesterday. they were part of a fast-moving storm that left a path of destruction 14 miles long. one person was killed in fact. this makes three to hit new york city alone. only 10 tornadoes have ever been recorded touching down in new york city since 1950. well, no tornado around
11:18 pm
here, we hope. probably some rain, though, huh roberta. >> the first rain of the season, this was the scene earlier today. 65 degrees in san francisco, totally socked in accord to go chopper 5 high in the sky. 50s to 60 degrees a very muggy mild night. here the deck. the low clouds, apache fog streaming on shore. very slow to clear out tomorrow morning. 6:52, nobody is going to see sun up then. once the clouds do move out we'll see the replacement with mid-and high-level clouds, with the first front barrelling through the northern half of the state. the second impulse promises to bring some measurable precip. saturday afternoon a chance of light rain across the north bay. but more than likely the rain will arrive in the northern portion of our district and spreading across the entire area through the afternoon hours. anywhere from 5/100ths of an
11:19 pm
inch in san jose to perhaps a half inch to 3/4 right there north of the golden gate bridge. 70s there. nearly 80 tri-valley. 80s, san jose and 60s. are you ready for football? raider action. 67 degrees, the chance of a light spotty shower, that's about it. here you have it an unsettled weekend and then monday through wednesday partly cloudy conditions, we will work this weather pattern all the way through next friday. okay. guys. fire up the music. oh yeah. we've got hawaii 5-0 premiering right here on cbs5 on monday, 10:00 p.m., check out the honolulu forecast. got a chance of showers, aloha, and 76 degrees. you can't get -- i know, you hear the music, you think of the hairdo and you say book 'em dan oh. i'm sorry. >> you're gonna say that when you see this next story. whodunit in southern
11:20 pm
california. thieves stole this 30-foot 300- pound gorilla, it usually takes four men to lift it up. the gorilla was missing for several days until it turned up here on the roof of, guess what, the nearby high school. we can probably assume who the suspects might be and teenagers will be teenagers. >> yeah. anyone would be surprised to see a giant monkey on top of their school's lunch room, so i was excited too. i wonder who did it because i was a good prank. >> takes a lot of guts to do that. >> yeah, kid, a monkey on your roof or are you just happy to see me. the monkey has now been returned to the car dealership. the owners of that dealership do not plan to file any charges. she has been speaking all over the country lately but tonight it's a little different. >> because this is our movement, this is our moment, this is our morning in america.
11:21 pm
>> why this particular speech is making so many waves in the political world. >> pinpoint weather is sponsored by amtrack, serving 500 destinations in coast to coast. her nose would grow? newspapers report the claims in this meg whitman ad are false. and she knows it. taxes went down under jerry brown. but whitman's nose keeps growing by the millions. i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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meg whitman's nose keeps growing. whitman says california lost jobs under jerry brown. turns out 1.9 million jobs were created. d, 3rd, 4, 5, 6:00, 7, 6, 6 8
11:23 pm
s 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 3rd 3rd 4th 4th 5th 5th k-k6th 6th
11:24 pm
6/7 7th 8th 8th 2/9 2/9 different -- she d big >> well you know sarah palin gets attention just about everywhere she goes but tonight is a little different. she delivered a big speech in iowa and, as joel brown shows us, if you want to win the white house you got to go through iowa. >> we'll need to fundamentally transform america, we need to restore america. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: it's only 2010 but sarah palin's headlining speech at iowa's reagan dinner got tongues wagging about her presidential prospects in 2012. she is not saying whether she will run but she is slid filing her conservative base. >> because this is our movement, this is our moment, this is our morning in america. >> reporter: while palin stoked speculation about a presidential run democrats rallied in washington, d.c.
11:25 pm
with eyes set on the voters in november. it was the republican showcase of the party's top stars and the rising celebrities of the tea party. >> the small elite don't get us. they call us whacky, they call us wingnuts, we call us "we the people." >> enthusiasm is overflowing among conservatives about the mid-terms with majorities in the house and even the senate on the line. republicans are concentrated on taking back control. >> we're on a downhill course with this country. we're saying that government, pack >> reporter: but there is also concern among these gop faithful about over confidence about the elections while voters are decidedly angry at washington that anger is aimed equally at democrats and republicans. joel brown, cbs news, washington. >> the giants have a chance to extend their lead in the west and the bears star in their own version of friday night lights,
11:26 pm
sports is next. >> the perfect play call by jeff ,,,, ,, hmm, do i wear hats? i could wear hats, if i partook in hat type things (birds chirping) like strolling in an orchard ♪
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game sweep in milwaukee... s earlier this season the
11:29 pm
giants outscored the brewers 36- 7 during a four-game sweep in milwaukee so the peru crew are looking for a little payback this weekend. madison baumgartner had given up just two earned runs in his last 20 innings but he struggled against the brew crew. >> they blew it to left. ryan braun scores, he allows 9 hits in 5 2/3 innings. different story on the other side. randy wolf strikes out six and s toes a three-hit shutout for his first complete game of the year. the prosecutors take it 3-0. the padres lost again so the giants remain in first place half a game ahead of san diego, the rockies are now only 1 1/2 games back. the fans in minnesota can't get through the turnstiles fast enough to see their first-place twins. big jack and the a's spoiled their friday night. the a's win 3-1 and get back to .500. cal won its first two games
11:30 pm
by a combined score of 104-10. tonight they faced a tougher test in nevada. the wolf pack has the nation's top offense and the bears would find out why. his name is colin tapper nick. the nevada quarterback throws for two touchdowns and runs for three more racking up 325 total yards. the wolf pack jumped out to a 21-7 lead. shane va region did his best to keep the bears in it. down 24-14 in the third the train breaks free for a 50-yard touchdown run, his third for the game and eighth of the season, cal was within three, a 200-yard night from green. he didn't get help from kevin riley. he throws three interceptions, marlin johnson takes one of them back 65 yards for the score, cal gained over 500 yards but gave up 396. nevada takes on the bears 62- 31. give me the top 5. brett anderson false off the mound but makes the throw from the
11:31 pm
seat of his pants to make ben revere. number 4 not much to say here other than thank three the marlins only have 9 total games left. >> hoe hoe. >> we stay in miami. you won't see a shortstop cover more ground than starling pass grow. that ends the game. they beat the cubs 2-0. at number 2 southern miss and kansas, southern miss'ment d.j. foyt is stopped at the line but he throws it to jonathan massey for the score. they win 36-16. the number 1 play of the night. koji uehara had strike three to end the game, this is called a ball. on the very next pitch a-rod hits a three-run homer, yankees win 4-3 and who is back in the first place. you think you have it bad you look at the orioles and there are only two teams that have a better record in baseball than them. >> oh, shucks. >> diamondbacks 24 back. ooh. we'll be right back.
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>> ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval.
11:34 pm
we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that. so if we get any rain it's not going to be a lot, right. >> anything is a lot for this time

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